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9 Myths and Realities Associated with Restroom Cleaning and Germs

There are many beliefs associated with germs and bacteria in restrooms, but, honestly, how many of them you believe are true? An office cleaning Melbourne Company has listed a few of them determining if the following are myths or realities. Read on to know more.

  1. Toilet seats are a health risk.

A complete myth. Most of the common bacteria and virus tend to die quickly, so by the time they make their space on the toilet seats, they are most likely to be dead. Moreover, the skin to skin transmission of germs is only a matter of concern only if you have an open wound or sore.

  1. The safest toilet in a restroom is the one in the last and farthest from the door

This is a myth too. Researchers claim that the stall which is closest to the restroom is probably the one with the lowest bacteria levels and it has the most toilet paper as well.

  1. The most contaminated and infected area or the germ hot spot in a restroom is the floor.

Again, a myth! The most contaminated area is the sanitary napkin bin, followed by the floor, then sinks, and the underside of the toilet seat.

  1. Improper hand hygiene is mostly because of the lack of soap in the public restrooms.

This is a reality. When there is soap available, people usually use it.

  1. Just because the restroom looks clean, doesn’t mean it is immaculately clean.

This is true. Odors don’t determine the cleanliness of a restroom. This is why you should always hire a professional commercial cleaning Dandenong service.

  1. Toilet seat covers keep the spreading of the germs at bay

An utter myth! Researchers claim that seat covers tend to provide more psychological comfort than real protection.

  1. A ladies’ restroom has more germs than a men’s restroom.

This is a reality. This is because women always spend more time in the restroom than the men and they also have young children with them often.

  1. The door handle on a restroom is a huge germ hot spot.

This is a myth. Researchers claim that door handles are one of the most immaculately clean surfaces in a restroom.

  1. It doesn’t matter if you stand or sit when you flush.

Myth again. When you are done, stand before the flush. When flushed, a mist of water sprays up and this may contain bacteria that can disperse intestinal bugs and hepatitis.

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