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Creativity Is In The Air Of Singapore

Creativity is in the air of Singapore. This might be because Singapore has a long tradition of arts and culture, or it could just be because we are really feeling creative today. Either way, this blog post will teach you a unique and different way to get your creativity flowing in Singapore. That unique way is being a part of Art Jamming Singapore.

The first Art Jamming Singapore was held on Monday, the 3rd of December. It is a ten-week program designed to inspire creativity and explore new ways of thinking outside the box. The event was hosted by Creative Circle at Faber Factory in Jalan Besar, it attracted more than 300 people who gathered together to share their ideas and collaborate.

Art jams are a powerful way to combine two disciplines: art and coding. Individuals are encouraged to use their creativity to create new designs, animations, or interactive pieces that can be used within Apps.

Art is often prioritized as an expressive form of self-expression while code has been recognized for its power and potentiality.

Together, these tools may result in some amazing creations, although it does not happen every time. It’s important to note that all levels of skill sets come together at jam sessions which might leave people feeling intimidated fair warning here – if you get anxious don’t worry because most participants will welcome your contributions with open arms.

There are plenty of benefits that come from art jams and one way to start experiencing these benefits is through attending an event or creating your jam session at home with friends. Combining two disciplines – art and coding – can result in some amazing creations, but it doesn’t happen every time.

Art Jams are the best way to meet new friends and have a great time! You it can find an event online or create your own jam session in Singapore with your friends at home which has always been open for everyone from all skill levels, no matter how different their skillset might be.

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