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Advantages of applying for a green card

Since the 2014 fiscal year, the success rate of the US h1b visa (also known as 美国h1b签证) has continued to decrease. If the quota is unchanged, the H-1B work visa is expected to be drawn. It can be said that “there is no hardest and only harder” And the H-1B work visa application is for a designated enterprise. If you apply for h1b job change (also known as h1b跳槽), it means that you need to submit the change request, h1b transfer time (also known as h1b transfer时间) is also difficult to grasp; and the maximum length of H-1B is generally 6 years. If you want to stay in the US beyond this number of years, you will need an employer who is willing to apply for a green card for the foreigner to the Immigration Department and wait for a long period of time. However, students with green cards do not have to worry about work visas. Not only don’t have to worry, it has more advantages when interviewing well-known companies such as the Fortune 500.

According to statistics, international students admitted to colleges and universities in the United States account for only a small percentage of the total number of students, and do not predominate with local students. Therefore, with the green card as a stepping stone, it is not difficult to get into the mainstream society by studying excellent universities and finding the ideal job.

From the perspective of cost, the parents of many children have converted, and the result is that immigrants are more cost-effective than studying abroad: American colleges charge tuition fees for international students two to four times that of local residents. If you get a green card to study in the United States, you can save a lot of money. After a few years, you can become a US citizen. After entering the university, you can enjoy welfare benefits such as interest-free loans and free medical subsidies provided by the government. There are more types of scholarships that can be applied for.

In terms of professional choices, students who have obtained green cards can also choose a lot of professional schools such as police academies and military academies that foreign students cannot apply for, and do not have to worry about studying visas for sensitive majors such as biology, chemistry, and aerospace. This explains why more and more Chinese families choose to help their children realize their dream of coming to the United States through immigration.

However, the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is relatively long. Everyone needs to pay attention to the immigration schedule (also known as 移民排期), and often look at the green card schedule forecast (also known as 绿卡排期预测) and apply for the green card as soon as possible.

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